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Middleton Chiropractor October Newsletter From SHCC

Nutrition Tips From Your Middleton Chiropractor Part 2


Vitamin D has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps decrease pain and cellular death. It is also important for building bone and maintaining bone density. It greatly improves immune function.

360 patients had an unknown cause of low back pain for greater than 6 months. Blood vitamin D levels were tested. 299 of the 360 had deficient vitamin D levels. The deficient people were given a vitamin D supplement. After 3 months, the 299 subjects defined as deficient reported a disappearance of low back pain. In total 341/360 were relieved of their chronic low back pain.

Vitamin D is created in our body by the sun. People in Wisconsin get little sun in the winter so vitamin D is essential to supplement to maintain an anti-inflammatory state. To get vitamin D take supplements or go to a tanning bed. If you choose to go to a tanning bed, make sure the tanning bed has UVB rays in order to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Food sources include fatty fish like salmon, UV irradiated mushrooms, beef liver and cod liver oil. Flax seed is another source of vitamin D.


The healing benefits of these have been known for over 2500 years. These have a major anti-inflammatory effect to decrease pain and cellular death.

Turmeric acts as a Cox inhibitor much like ibuprofen. It also has an anti-cancer effect.

Ginger has the same effect especially with arthritic pain and digestive problems.

Boswellia, found in pineapples, also has a major anti-inflammatory effect.

So cook with ginger, turmeric and eat more pineapple.