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Middleton Chiropractor July Newsletter from SHCC

Thank You for the Great Reviews

I hope everyone and their family has been safe with all the crazy weather.  Watch you back cleaning up the mess it has created.    From your Middleton Chiropractor, Thank you so much for the great reviews. It is an absolute honor to read the reviews and I can’t thank you enough.

Tips to Heal Part 3


  • All of us know how to lift however do not do it.  Lift with you legs not your back.
  • In some circumstances it is difficult to lift correctly.  When removing bags from your car, bring them closer to you and lift. Get help if the object you are lifting is heavy.
  • If you are lifting repetitively, take breaks, use equipment or use a low back brace, if necessary.


  • It is recommended to replace your bed every 6 years unless you have a bed guaranteed for a longer time period.
  • Sleep while maintaining your spinal curves.  This may include sleeping with a lumbar roll under your back and pillow under your knees if on your back.
  • When sleeping on your side, put a pillow between your knees.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach.
  • The mattress should be firm however soft enough to allow your hips and shoulders to depress.
  • Your pillow should  be firm to keep your head in a neutral position so your ear is not touching your shoulder when on your side and your chin is not touching your chest when on your back.
  • Do not sleep on the couch arm rest.
  • When getting up from a resting position, lie on your side, draw your knees up, swing your legs over the edge of the bed and push yourself up with your arms trying not to bend your waist.  Do the reverse getting into bed.

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Thank you for the referral of your family and friends.

Middleton Chiropractor June Newsletter from SHCC

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  This is a chiropractor’s busy season due to outdoor sports, yard work and gardening so watch your back Middleton and Madison.

WIN $100

I’m asking for Google and Facebook reviews. If you give a Google or Facebook review, you will be put in a drawing to win a $100 visa gift card. You have a chance to be put in twice if you give both a Google and Facebook review. The winner of the drawing will be called July 1st. For reviews click on links below.

Thank you so much in advance. I can’t express my appreciation for all the help and referrals.


  • No desk or chair is one size fits all and the body can only take 20 minutes in a static position.  Take frequent breaks to stretch, adjust your chair slightly and move.
  • Do not slouch.   When looking from the side, you ear should be over your shoulder and your shoulders should be back.
  • Lean back 10 to 20 degrees. This helps take pressure off the pelvis and hips.  Be sure the chair supports your shoulders and low back when leaning back.
  • Use arm rests and sit on a chair with a high back rest.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees should be 1-3 inches beyond the edge of the chair.
  • The center of your computer monitor should be  at a 15 degree angle down from your eyes.  Lighting should be at a 90 degree angle from the monitor.
  • The keyboard should be placed so the shoulders are relaxed, elbows are at 90 degrees, and wrists are straight.  The keyboard should be flat or slightly elevated at the front.  Using a keyboard when the back is higher than the front puts stress on the elbows and wrists.
  • When using a mouse, keep your elbow close to your body.  The mouse should be close to  and on the same level as the keyboard.  If possible us a track ball.
  • Getting this correct is difficult.  Ask your for an ergonomic assessment.

Thank you for the referral of your friends and family.

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