Middleton Chiropractor November Newsletter From SHCC

Part 3 of nutritional advice from your Middleton chiropractor.


There are 20 times more bacteria in our body than there are cells in our body. At any one time, we have more bacteria in our body than people have lived on the planet. A pro biotic is a friendly or good bacteria that keeps us healthy. To maintain good immune and intestinal health we need to maintain 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. In most people this is reversed and the result is inflammation and sickness.We need probiotics because chlorine and fluoride in our water destroys our good bacteria. Poor eating habits, alcohol, antibiotics, birth control and over the counter drugs also kill our good bacteria.A large part of our immune system is in our gut so keeping our gut healthy increases our immune system. When the bad bacteria overcome the good, it leads to gut malabsorption problems and poor gut health. If our body can not absorb the nutrients it needs, we do not have the building blocks to heal.
Natural probiotics include yogurt, fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and soybeans (miso and tempeh) and sourdough bread.


Since there are no FDA regulations or watch dogs for supplements, anybody can make them and sell them . Unfortunately there are a lot of companies out there selling you supplements that are made in a home kitchen, garage or on a dirt floor. Sometimes companies cut costs and do not put the amount of the supplement that is listed on the label. A study performed on a major chain store that sells supplements showed that one brand had on average 20% less of what was listed on the label.

Buying from a reputable company is necessary. Metagenics is GMP certified which ensures a high quality of cleanliness and manufacturing processes. They use pure and safety reviewed ingredients. Human effectiveness studies are performed. Each batch of the supplement is also sent to other companies to make sure what is listed on the label is in the supplement. They also have the largest MDs and PHDs on staff.

Buying from a good company will ensure you are getting good quality and well manufactured supplements.

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